Goodbye Impossible, Hello Mom-Possible Hairstyles

By Lisa Miller

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Feel familiar? No worries. Below we share some video tutorials showcasing easy, mom-possible hairstyles.

As a woman and mother, hair can be the biggest of beauty challenges. It can literally be a pain; for example, when your infant is innocently tearing it out of your head? Or, a nightmare when you haven’t had a chance to wash it in three days – forget styling it. Sometimes, even if you have a past filled with perfectly coiffed hair, pulling off a polished ten-minute “do” seems impossible.

As the mom who chopped off her waist-length hair in favor of a super-short pixie hoping for a quick to wash, dry, and style alternative only to discover that, although fast-drying, I had to wash it every day due to incurable bed-head and use an incredible (and costly) amount of product to keep it in check until it re-grew, I am in favor of truly simple and easy hairstyles for everyday moms. Below are some video tutorials for mom-schedule friendly short, medium and long hairstyles. With low product and styling tool requirements, these hairstyles are the solution to your hair conundrum.

Short Hair

Short-hair is such a challenge. It seems that any one piece of hair out of place is cause for heartache without excess of long strands to pull over to hide it. Erica and Patry show several options for mixing up a short style.


Mid-Length Hair

Not quite long enough to pull off all the braids and buns of long-stranded styles, nor short enough to muss with a drop of sculpting gel on your way out the door. Sarah has something to say on styling the “in between” length.


Long Hair

No, it’s not quick-drying. Yes, the endless styling options can be overwhelming. For “thirty-second” hair-dos easy enough to pull-off at a red light, this video by Daisie has enough inspiration to keep your look fresh the whole week.


Another option is the classic, ballerina-style sock bun. View our tutorial, below.


No more lack of polished hair due to running late, lack of inspiration or know-how. It isn’t impossible to style your hair on a mom’s schedule or budget. Take a moment for yourself to add a bit of glam to your look. If you must go out, go out gorgeous!


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