Editor’s Note: Back To School Revelry For Moms

By Lisa Miller

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Back to school is a joyous and tumultuous time for moms. Take a moment to enjoy it. (Click image for source.)

As the long days of summer come to an end and children are shipped off to school each morning, moms everywhere rejoice in their new found freedom. Mundane things, like running errands in lightning-fast time or taking a ten minute shower without toddler commentary, are suddenly cause for touchdown-esque dancing.


That is, for a well-deserved moment before realizing that your “free time” is consumed with recovering a house that has become a war zone and after-school sporting events. Rushing out the door only to discover new record setting standards of lateness are within your grasp is about to become old hat.


Revel in your moment of euphoria! Schedule a few minutes each day just for you. It will refresh your spirit, refuel your patience quotient and reenergize your footsteps. Spend that moment sleeping, shopping just for you or catching up with friends. Chores can wait – for a few moments, anyways.




Here’s a Sneak Peak at Mom-Friendly 2015 Fall Trends:

  • Capes

    If not still in your rotation, dig back into your 2012 fall closet before shelling out for a new one.

  • Waist definition

    Belt it to create a waist and look thinner.

  • Fringe

    Add fringe into the mix with accessories. Tassel necklaces, boho purses and fringed scarfs are affordable ways to incorporate this trend into daily style.

  • Boho

    A personal favorite, allowing for harried, layered looks, is ideal for moms on-the-go.

  • Natural Earth Colors

    The Pantone 2015 fall color predictions focus on warmth and security, focusing on a love of nature, hope and fantasy.


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