Replay Monday: Easy Everyday Outfit

By Kristin Hull

Now that The Mommy Stylist has been around for several years, we’ve decided to start re-posting some of our favorite blogs each Monday so that new readers can benefit from them as well. (And they can serve as reminders for those who have been with us from the beginning.) While some of the items may no longer be available, we wouldn’t post anything that’s out of style, so use them for reference and keep an eye out for something similar when you’re out and about. Enjoy!

It’s Friday. I woke up late. I’m tired from a long week. My cat threw up. And I had to be out of the door in no time. As I threw together my outfit for the day I thought about how boring it would be without accessories, which are often THE key to making an otherwise dull outfit stylish. I also thought about how this would be an easy outfit for a mom to put together. You probably already have most of the pieces in your closet. I’m going to dissect the ensemble so you too can throw it on the next time you have a busy morning (which I’m sure, because you’re a mom, will be tomorrow). Let’s go from top to bottom:

Top: This top works for a large-chested woman because of the v-neck and because it is tapered at the waist making it fitted, not tight. The one I’m wearing is by ALO. If you are small- or medium-chested you’re lucky in this case. You can wear just about any plain black tank top. However, despite the size of your chest, if you have some weight in the middle you shouldn’t wear a fitted top. Something blousy and loose will be more flattering.

Scarf: The scarf is what really makes this outfit. Animal print is always stylish and it is especially trendy now. I got this scarf over a year ago at Target for around $12. Scarves can be worn many ways but I like to wear mine hanging down because they cover my gut when I forget to suck in. Seriously.

Jeans: Flare jeans will flatter any figure but they MUST be tight on the thigh. And by tight I don’t mean uncomfortable, I mean fitted. They don’t make mine anymore but you can find some similar jeans out there at a variety of prices. Try these (from Zappos who offers free shipping both ways).

Shoes: Now, as a mom, I’m sure my 4” heels aren’t practical for you. But you could easily get by with some inexpensive black flats that can be found just about anywhere these days. Buy these for $22.50 from Charlotte Russe and you can get another pair of shoes for $15.

Jewelry: Big silver hoops (always classic) , a silver cuff that is so old I can’t remember where I got it but here’s a cool one, and red leather flower ring I found at a spa once for $10. I added the ring for a pop of color. Here’s something similar.

Purse: Well, for the life of me I can’t find a single grey purse that isn’t ugly or cheap looking. I guess I got the only one. However, black always works too. Here’s a cute one on sale at Steve Madden.

Well, that’s it! Just a few simple pieces and you’re a well-styled, put together mommy!

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