Replay Monday: What To Wear – Parent’s Weekend At The University

Now that The Mommy Stylist has been around for several years, we’ve decided to start re-posting some of our favorite blogs each Monday so that new readers can benefit from them as well. (And they can serve as reminders for those who have been with us from the beginning.) While some of the items may no longer be available, we wouldn’t post anything that’s out of style, so use them for reference and keep an eye out for something similar when you’re out and about. Enjoy!

By Lisa Miller

Photos courtesy of retailers
Photos courtesy of retailers

It’s parent’s weekend at your child’s college; you are so proud and excited that your baby has grown up and is pursuing his or her dreams at Big Name University. Showing support through your wardrobe is a given but how to do it without going overboard? You definitely don’t want to be the embarrassing cheerleader parent – decked out head to toe in school logos. (And please, just say no to mother/child matching hoodies.) Looking stylish and sophisticated but not overdressed is the goal. So, what should you wear?

Grown-Up College Spirit

The answer may be as easy as looking through your closet. Fall weather is starting to set in, so layers will be perfect for this occasion. Start with the basics – blue jeans and comfy shoes. Chances are you’ll be hiking all over campus and/or sitting in multiple lecture rooms hearing how you can help your child succeed and what to expect from their college curriculum. Comfort is key.

Try a layered look in the school’s colors. It won’t scream “Look at me! I’m the school’s biggest fan,” but it will let everyone know that you support your child and their school – stylishly.

The Finishing Touch

As the mom of a college student, you may have gone a little crazy the day the acceptance letter arrived, purchasing all kinds of University of Bright Kids apparel. Having read this article, you are now bummed that you don’t get to wear any of it while at the school. Not quite.

Look through all of that school paraphernalia and choose one item you’d really like to wear. A mascot necklace, cardigan with a small logo, or an emblematic knit hat are just enough to do the trick without going overboard.

Wear it Again

With a few adjustments (like sneakers instead of flats and a crossbody bag instead of a satchel), this look can also work for a sporting event, be it little league or the major leagues.


University Emblem Knit Hat ($29.95/Fanatics): Keep warm and cozy on campus with this knitted cap. (Other university emblems available.)

University Emblem Headphones ($129.99/SolRepublic): These are the coolest emblematic headphones ever! At parent’s weekend, show your school pride by using them to listen to music, watch shows on your tablet during downtime, or while Skype-ing with your other kids at home. Just be sure to keep your eye on them; your college student may try to commandeer them. (Other university emblems available.)

Wristwatch ($19.99/Target): Be on time to all the scheduled events with this sporty wristwatch.

Scarf ($14.99/Target): An infinity scarf is an excellent way to add a chic third layer to the classic top and blazer look. The colors in this one are perfect for fall.

Blazer ($29.80/Forever 21): Keep warm with style in this sophisticated purple blazer.

Top ($22.99/Target): Although you can’t see it in our photo, the top of this tank is black which adds interest and will draw the eye up away from the waist – perfect for a pear shape. However, it will work with all figures.

Mid-rise Skinny Jeans ($31.99/6PM – free shipping!): Mid-rise jeans eliminate muffin top and gives the appearance of being slimmer. As an added bonus, they stay up (unlike their lower-cut counter parts) keeping you covered even if forced to sit on the school lawn.

Vera Bradley Bangle ($33.99/6PM)

Black Purse ($62.99/ModCloth): Enough space to fit everything you need for the day – wallet, phone, iPad, and water.

Chevron Flats ($35.99/6PM – free shipping!): Mixing patterns is a big trend right now. Show your style know-how by donning a pair chevron flats which compliment the scarf perfectly.

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