Editor’s Note: Challenge Accepted!

By Lisa Miller

Bubbles & Bubbly l WWW.MOMMYSTYLIST.COM #TheMommyStylist
“Waiting for tonight! Woah!” for the TMS #16MinutesForMom Bubbles & Bubbly challenge!

I accept! This mama is all ready for tonight’s 16 Minutes For Mom Bubbles & Bubbly challenge! Yep, that’s my bath in the photos.

I’m so excited for an excuse to relax and have some ME time – thanks TMS! In fact, I’m so excited I can’t get that Jennifer Lopez song out of my head – “Waiting for tonight! Woah!” (music video below, you’re welcome.) Have a good night! I know I will.


  1. Bubbly Rose from Trader Joes

  2. Pretty champagne glass from a previous wine tasting excursion.

  3. Lavender bath salts.

  4. Roses from the garden.

  5. Pretty candle from IKEA.

  6. Two cute rubber duckies – borrowed from the girls 🙂

16 minutes for mom l WWW.MOMMYSTYLIST.COM #TheMommyStylist




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