Editor’s Note: My Nail Polish Addiction

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By Kristin Hull

I am a nail polish freak. I’d wear a different color every day if I could. But, I tend to stick to a few staples because they are the only polishes that last longer than two days. In this post I explained how to make a manicure last and I still abide by that system, but I don’t have time for that on a regular basis and neither do you. However, on a random Tuesday, between putting the kids to bed and turning in yourself, you will have time for Zoya’s Pixie Dust. I don’t know what the secret is or why other companies haven’t copied it but it dries
unusually fast and lasts unusually long. Don’t let its sparkly-ness turn you off, I’m not big on bling either but it’s subtle and sophisticated. I swear, every time I wear it I get compliments.

Now, as far as colors, I’ve found the gold, Tomoko, and Nyx, a bluish/silver that looks more silver, to be the most versatile. They match with anything. I usualy use two coats. And even if I smudge one a bit before they’re dry, I can actually press the polish back into place with my fingers and no one is the wiser.

NOTE: As you can see from the photo above, some of the Pixie Dust colors have larger “pieces” in them. I’m not a fan of those because they look too costume-y. If you like them then, hey, go for it. But, to me, the colors with the small sparkles are classy and suitable for every day.

The only down side is removing it. It does take some time but if you hold a polish remover-soaked cotton ball on each nail for a bit that helps. This is a minor problem though, compared to having to re-do my nails every few days – because that’s never going to happen.

Happy polishing!


2 thoughts on “Editor’s Note: My Nail Polish Addiction

  1. Since I work in the beauty industry I have tried just about every brand known to man….the two top coats that I find can extend your manicure for a bit longer than usual would be from:
    YSL & the gel top coat from Dior.
    Both give a great shine & are a bit pricey, but worth it for me not to have to redo my polish all the time. With either of these too coats my manicure can last up to 2 weeks with out a chip!!!

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