Embrace Your Inner Dastardly Villain This Halloween

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By Kristin Hull

Put on ALL your clothes before leaving the house. No, you can’t go to the movies before completing your math homework. You must behave and eat your veggies to get dessert. Push your sister again and you’re getting a time out. Brush your teeth before bed so they don’t fall out.

There you go again, laying down the law. Sheriff. Superhero. Proud defender of your child’s dignity, GPA, health, you name it. Let’s face it, Mom, you’ve joined the ranks of the world’s most underrated, unsupported, thankless professionals.

As you glance in the mirror, complementing yourself on how remarkably well you handled the latest emergency situation your child laid at your feet, said child is mentally launching grenades at your head – mean, hateful, evil, and villainous. For a second, you resent the invisible accusations and start to question yourself, and then you realize that you’ve got the best force field ever invented – the sheer will of steel developed in the battle of delivery. You get that force field up and instantly your train of thought switches tracks – How fun would life be if I really were a dastardly villain?

Have fun this Halloween and embrace your inner dastardly villain. Chic, flattering black never looked so good on any silent movie star! Best of all, you may have to look no further than your own closet for most pieces. Black skinny jeans, shoes and shirt; done, done and done.  Add a mustachio, derby hat and cape (of course). Don’t worry, Capes are on-trend and can be worn throughout the season. For the finishing touch, a good strong rope for restraining your victims. Halloween is looking up this year!

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