Replay Monday: How To Look Cute Running Errands

By Kristin Hull

I have received quite a few requests for casual everyday outfits. Fortunately, a lot of the outfits I post can be worn for occasions besides the one indicated. For instance, the outdoor sports event look could work for running errands. That’s why I’ve created the categories on the right-hand side of the home page. I will categorize an outfit for everything it might work for, not just for what I have indicated. So be sure to check those when you are looking for something to wear. Also, experiment with mixing some of the pieces from these outfits together. The shoes from this outfit could easily work with the sports event outfit and vice versa. (As you start to collect stylish pieces into your wardrobe you’ll find you have much more to wear that will look fashionable and pulled together.)

Now, onto today’s look. Don’t wear both of these shirts at the same time. I just wanted to give a couple options. If you’re thicker in the middle, the red and white one will be more flattering on you. Just be sure to tuck the front of it in a bit like in this photo. A long drapey cape or sweater will take you through many occasions. Capes are a big trend for the fall and winter – and they’re always chic. I have a black cape I’ve been wearing for years – over and over and over. I always feel fashionable when I wear it – even if what’s underneath leaves something to be desired. That’s what’s great about it, if  you’re dropping the kids off at school, throw it on over whatever you’re wearing and you’ll have instant style. As long as you aren’t too sloppy on the bottom (i.e. nasty sneakers, old sweats). That will ruin it. But a clean pair of velour track pants won’t. Victoria’s Secret has some cute ones reasonably priced. You can wear a cape when it’s cold out with a turtleneck or sweater underneath, or when it’s warmer, with a short-sleeved shirt. It’s versatile, comfy and sophisticated.

  • Kangol Tropic Ventair Newsboy Cap ($35, Zappos – free shipping both ways!)

  • Bongo Juniors Asymmetrical Animal Print Tunic ($14/Kmart) – Animal prints are a huge trend right now and a top like this will be extremely versatile and work with many different outfits. Here are a few other styles from Alloy JC Penney, Kohls and Forever 21 (since this one is loose, tuck it into your pants a bit in the front). Nordstrom has this great plus-size option.

  • L. Marie Mini Topaz necklace: (with TMS discount, $42 and free shipping, reg., $52, L. Marie Designs) This itty bitty necklace (the stone is smaller than an M&M) is perfect for just a little something when you’re running around town. You don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard so something tiny but mighty (thanks to the gorgeous color) is just the thing. Check out the L. Marie website or Facebook page for more colors and styles (like their great monogram pendants).

  • Calvin Klein Cape (now, $32, reg. $59, You will wear this all the time. Here’s a really cute black one with a belted waist. It’s $100 off right now at $105. Asos is in England so it can take up to three weeks to arrive. Order ASAP if you want it. Free shipping and returns though! Here it is in grey and brown (I really like it!). This is a great wrap from Nordstrom. Victoria’s Secret has some good options too like this and this. Here’s one more, good for those of us who are big on top because of the cinched-in waist. Try this one from Alloy for $59 if you want to go more casual. Same with this one from Nordstrom for $48.

  • Apt. 9 Jeans (reg. $54, now $35, Kohl’s): These wide-leg jeans are loose and comfortable. Waistband is high-enough to cover the gut. Yay!

  • Old Navy Printed Keyhole Top: If you choose this top be sure to do the “half- tuck.” Prefer somethng different? Try camo, polka dot or a solid color with detail.

  • Tianni Zoe Satchel purse ($50, The taupe color will work too. I just thought the red was more fun and would add some color to the outfit.

  • Jessica Simpson Lafayette Flats: ($69, – free shipping and returns!): These can be worn with so many outfits and for so many occasions. For something more sporty try these kicks in black or camo for $59, or these in any of the three colors for $60 (unless you wear with the red and white top – in that case just go with black). Clarks shoes are known for their comfort so if that’s your goal here are some that will still keep you looking good ($90). They have an ankle strap that will be cute with shorts or skirts too. Here’s another cute flat in corduroy ($40).

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