An Unexpected Accessory That’s Perfect For Moms

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By Kristin Hull

Moms have to dress casual often. And that can be frustrating. Comfortable, but frustrating. Why? Well, we all feel pretty great when we’re dressed up because we know we look good. But finding a casual outfit that makes you feel the same isn’t as easy. Plus, who has the time? Dressed up occasions are usually far and few between and they come with enough notice to prepare an outfit in advance. Unlike the random Tuesday morning when you’re suddenly asked to chaperone a field trip because one of the scheduled moms got sick. Yikes! Not only do you have handle the normal morning routine but now you have to get yourself together as well. And you have to keep in mind where you’re headed. Will it be hot? Cold? Both? Will you be indoors or outdoors? Walking or sitting a lot? Basically, you have to be ready for anything. But, fear not. We have a functional, fashionable solution.

The shirt or jacket as an accessory

Who knew that simply tying a shirt around your waist could accomplish so much? Throw on a pair of jeans and a tee with some cute but comfy shoes then, add a denim or patterned button-down shirt or light jacket.

Why we love this look

  • It adds some style to an otherwise ho-hum outfit.
  • Tying it just below your natural waist and just above the waist of your pants camouflages muffin top.
  • It hides your butt.
  • You can put it on if it gets chilly but don’t have to carry it around all day.
  • It adds an extra layer in case you have to sit on the grass or on concrete.
  • It’s cute!

Next steps

  • Check out our “Accessorize With a Shirt or Jacket” Pinterst album for outfit inspiration.
  • Then, snap up one (or more!) of the cool pieces we found below to get the look for yourself!

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