A New Year’s Resolution A Mom Can Actually Keep

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Resolve to take basics to the next level using a mom’s secret styling weapon – accessories.

By Lisa Miller

Each new year’s eve many (ok, most) of us resolve to lose 10 pounds and keep it off but, with kids, a five day a week exercise regimen just never seems to happen. No matter how many times we say, “this year I’m really going to do it” we come upon another December 31 with the same body issues we had 365 days before. So, instead of disappointing ourselves again, why don’t we try a new resolution? One that will help us to feel better about ourselves not only because it can improve our physical self-image but because it is something we will actually stick with. And that will make us proud of ourselves. There’s no quicker way to confidence than that.

Make a fashion resolution to care about how you look

That may sound silly and superficial but, in fact, it is the exact opposite. It’s about teaching your children self-respect, self-trust and self-esteem, from your own example.Think about what image you want to project to the world about yourself. What does wearing ill-fitting jeans, a huge sweatshirt and old, dirty sneakers say about you? On the contrary, what does a pair of skinny jeans (no matter your size), a plain white tee, a plaid scarf, a faux leather jacket and a pair of skater shoes (like these quilted patent leather ones) say about you? The second outfit is just as easy to pull together and it will make you look infinitely more put-together, thus making you feel better about yourself. Get the point? It’s not about what others think at all but what YOU feel about yourself. I guarantee that focusing a little attention on what you wear each day will lead to a happier and more confident you. That, in turn, will boost your state of mind and improve relationships within your family.

How to do it

Achievable goals and expectations are the key to success. Setting a style goal can have long-lasting impact even if it is simply to pay more attention to what you put on each day. In fact, that’s a good place to start. Over time, you’ll figure out which styles work best with your particular shape; what colors, cuts, and patterns make you feel prettier and more confident; and the best ways to spend your wardrobe budget without wasting money on items that aren’t flattering or don’t make you feel good.

The key to success is to set small, achievable goals, with realistic expectations. For example, “by the end of 2016 I will go from bedraggled-looking mom to total fashionista” is expecting a lot, with no scale to measure against. It will most likely lead to disappointment and discouragement when you aren’t crowned fashion guru of the year by your local PTA. However, “I will pull out the colorful scarves I love, but never wear, from the box in the back of my closet and incorporate them into my everyday outfits” is realistic and easy to measure. It’s a simple as that. And, with tools like Pinterest so close at hand, it’s easy to find inspiration.

Just do It

What’s the most important step in this process? To quote Nike, “Just Do It!” It doesn’t have to be anything big or time-consuming or difficult. Just pick ONE thing to focus on this year and go for it.

Hold Yourself Accountable

I usually set one goal for the year, a reachable one, and I am proud to say I’ve met each one (which, believe me, proves it’s possible). Writing it down, sharing it with friends and keeping tabs on my progress really helps.This year, my goal is to accessorize. It can make a world of difference (see How To: Accessorize) and is so simple once you make it a habit.

Here are some other ideas. Like I said, keep it simple, just choose one and go for it. Good luck and we wish you a happy and stylish 2016!

  • Like me, commit to wearing at least three accessories each day. That can include jewelry, hats, belts, headbands, scarves, a statement handbag, even nail polish.
  • Give some thought/pay more attention to what you wear each day.
  • Stop wearing clothes you know are worn out, don’t fit or are out of style.
  • Wear at least mascara and blush daily.
  • Keep your nails looking nice. Read our posts here about how to make a mani last and our favorite quick-drying polish.
  • Make a date night with your mate once a month and GET DRESSED UP!

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