Post Pregnancy Clothes To Hide The Extra Weight

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By Kristin Hull

Dear Mommy Stylist,

I am hoping you can help me dress my postpartum figure. I’m 5’4″ and at two months past delivery, I’m about 130lbs. My greatest challenges are my hips (measuring 38 in. around the widest part), my flabby abs, and fact that I am breastfeeding. As this is my second pregnancy, I know my hips will slowly shrink over the next 18 months but right now my smallest maternity pants are falling off, and my largest pre-pregnancy pants (sz. 6) are too small. I don’t want to spend a ton of money on clothing I can’t wear for very long, but I do need cute, comfy, multi-purpose items that will accommodate my changing figure and nursing with ease, and help me feel like a fashionable mommy.


The best outfits for you during this transitional time are leggings paired with long, loose tops, and elastic-waist jeans (don’t laugh – I own a pair – they’re comfortable and no one is the wiser) with peplum shirts.

Since your middle area is of biggest concern, the tops you wear with leggings should be long enough to cover the hips. Make sure they are made of thin fabric so as not to add bulk. Avoid horizontal stripes too as they will add width. If you have large breasts you might want to belt the shirt at your waist to keep from looking bigger.

Another option is to get a pair of flared jeans. They’ll help balance out hips and make them less noticeable. Tops don’t have to be quite as long as with leggings but they should still cover the hips a bit and, because you told me you have an hourglass figure, make sure they have a defined waist. Wearing flared jeans with a big, flowy shirt that doesn’t have a defined waist will make you look bigger all over. However,  you can always add a belt to create a waist. I’ve found elastic belts to be the most comfortable.

And the best part? After you lose weight all of these pieces will still be totally wearable!

Sheer Floral Tunic ($16/Forever 21)

Hey Viv! Elastic Cinch Belt ($9/Amazon)

Mossimo Ponte Seam Leggings ($20/Target): It’s hard to tell in the photo but these have a wide waistband which helps with keeping the muffin top at bay. And because they are high-waisted they’ll also make your loose abs appear tighter. The seam down the leg is a nice detail as it adds some style.

Mossimo Supply Co. Tunic Top with Belt ($23/Target)

Elastic-Waist Flared Jeans (now $15, reg. $20/Old Navy)

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