What to Wear: Spring Field Trip

field trip
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Dressing for a field trip requires clothes that can be worn both indoors and out, allow flexibility and comfort in a variety of terrains and situations, and be kid-appropriate (nothing too low cut or too short).

A reader, who is a teacher, recently wrote asking for outfit ideas that fit the above criteria but were still stylish. Since the field trip was going to last a week I put together a Pinterest album with several outfits so she would be able to cover several days. My favorite though, is the one above.

Adapt the outfit to your needs

Obviously, you’re not going to wear pumps on a field trip so try a pair of cute sneakers instead (see some of my recommendations in the shopping section below). And try these other tips to make the outfit work for your needs:

  • Wear a white tee under the gingham shirt. That way, if you get hot you can remove the gingham shirt and tie it around your waist (one of my favorite functional casual
  • looks) like this.
  • Be sure to accessorize as it’s one of the easiest ways to add style to an outfit – and in this case, it will be functional as well. Because you’ll have to be checking the time often to stay on schedule, a watch will save you from having to dig through your purse for your cell while trying to wrangle children. And instead of wearing a bracelet or two on the other wrist, try them on the same wrist as the watch for an unexpected touch of layering.
  • To keep the pants looking modern, roll them up like in the photo. With flats though, don’t roll them higher than just above the ankle bone, especially if you’re short.
  • Instead of a handheld purse, opt for a cross-body so you’ll be free to hold little hands or help students get onto the bus. It will also keep you from unconsciously setting it down in the midst of all the chaos and leaving it behind.

Let’s shop!

Want a similar outfit for yourself? I’ve found some great pieces at affordable prices below. Check them out!

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