How To: Accessorize

By Kristin Hull

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Recently, when I wrote “Stylist’s Secret: Look Put Together Instantly With This One Trick” I promised I’d do a “How To: Accessorize” post, so here it is!

Accessorizing is truly a quick and easy way to look stylish in no time. Look around when you’re out and about. So many women don’t bother to do it but when you see one who does, you notice her, you admire her, you want to look like her, right? So, why not do it if it’s so simple? Check out our How To:Accessorize Pinterest album for inspiration and you’ll be the mom everyone wishes they were!

Now, let’s shop! (Click on photos for details.)

z hat
Hat, $14.90/Forever21
z 2 necklaces
Layering necklace set, $7.90/Forever21
z statenment gold
Statement necklace, $10.90/Forever21
z cape
Cape, $53/Asos (Free shipping both ways!)
z headband
Gold headband, $7/Asos (Free shipping both ways!)
z scarf
Scarf, $33/Asos (Free shipping both ways!)
z cuff
Cuff, $22/Asos (Free shipping both ways!)
z rings
Ring set, $15/Asos (Free shipping both ways!)
z watch
Watch, $33/Asos (Free shipping both ways!)

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