Spring Trends Moms Can Rock: Pastels

By Kristin Hull


Photos courtesy of retailers.
Photos courtesy of retailers.

We’ve been obsessed with the pastel trend since it made its way onto the runways a couple of years ago. The soft hues have finally hit the mainstream and spring is the perfect time to embrace them.

If you’re someone who is normally afraid of color, pastels can help ease you into it. They’re feminine, flirty, fun and fashionable.

As always, with trends, we try to keep price points low since you won’t want to wear the style forever. We also keep in mind that as moms, your clothes can take a beating. From dirty little feet, hands and mouths to bleachers and backyard stains your clothing, especially light clothing, shouldn’t be expensive. What’s the point in spending a lot on a pair of pastel jeans that may only make it through one season? We’ve kept that in mind while researching pieces to suggest to you. So while they may not be designer quality, remember that in this case, you don’t need them to be. Just have fun with it guilt-free.

So, let’s start shopping!

Yellow Blazer ($21.67/Sheinside)

Blue Plaid Shirt ($78/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!)

Pink Trench ($89.99/Modcloth – free shipping over $50)

Green Wedge Sandals ($31.67/Sheinside – free shipping and exchanges)

Mint Green Purse ($89.99/Modcloth – free shipping over $50)

Peach Jeans ($72.47/Asos – free shipping both ways!)

Green Watch (now $86.25, was $115/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!)

Plaid Shawl ($52.55/Asos – free shipping both ways!)

Blue Moto Jacket ($99.67/Asos – free shipping both ways!)

Lavender Flats ($28.33/Sheinside – free shipping and exchanges)

Multi-Pack Pastel Nail Polish ($14/Nordstrom – free shipping both ways!)

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