How To Be An Effective Budget Shopper

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Read on to see how I wear this teal sweater three ways. See this look again on Instagram.

By Lisa Miller

Let’s go shopping! Everyone from our girlfriends, to the news, to science and psychology journals tout the benefits of retail therapy. Reduced stress and exercise for mind (appraising and decision making) and body (mall walking, ye-ah!) plus the gratification of having something new all release feel good endorphins.  And, with such incredible levels of accessibility and new trends rolling out all the time, it’s a wonder we ever need to stop.

But, stop we must, or at least slow down to think. Unbridled retail therapy comes with its own set of drawbacks, like anxiety from overspending and an army of dreaded still-price-tagged clothing hiding, untouched in the darkest recesses of our closet. For celeb-status budgets this kind of spending habit may not be a problem; for the average family, some consideration can save trouble later.

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Try layering a colorful sweater over a botanical or floral print maxi-length skirt or dress to add a little warmth to a bright summery outfit. See more on this look on the TMS Instagram page.

Guidelines For Shopping On A Budget

1)      Know your limits – budget, style (see Use a Style Board To Find Your Personal Style  and Evolve Your Style Board Into A Lookbook), your body type, etc.

2)      Buy quality – We tell you how in this post. Remember: shopping sales at pricier stores is a great way to buy quality on a budget.

3)      Wear it three ways – Love that teal sweater? If it’s within your budget, well-made, flattering and you can wear it three ways with items already in your closet; go for it! It’s yours. Love it, but can’t think of anything in your closet to pair it with? Don’t buy it thinking you’ll return it if you can’t find anything to wear it with; chances are you won’t and it will join the price tag graveyard. Instead, take a picture of it and give it a few days. Go through your closet to see if you can find a few things to wear it with. If you can’t, leave it be. If you can, go back and get it. It may cost a few extra minutes and gas miles, but in the long run it’ll save you from a lot of bad purchase decisions.

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Add a sweater and faux leather jacket over a floral mini-skirt and leggings for a perfect fall or spring look. For bonus points, top off with a quirky hat, like this vintage one from my grandmother. See more of this look on our Pinterest page, here and here.

Shopping With Benefits

So, go on – walk those malls. It’s less expensive than a gym membership, a decent workout and is semi-kid-friendly. Just make sure you choose budget-friendly, quality items that go with the pieces in your closet. Think of three ways to wear them, and then do just that.

Now that you’re armed with the tools to be an effective shopper, you’ll enjoy the experience more and be happier with the choices in your closet.

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