Editor’s Note: My Birthday Wishlist

By Kristin Hull

bday wishlist final
Photos courtesy of retailers.

This year’s birthday list is mostly a practical one. There are things I need that I have neglected to purchase because well, I either didn’t want to spend the money, couldn’t find what I really wanted or just never got around to it. So what better time than a birthday to jump in and go for it? Let’s check it out piece by piece.

The Home. T ($32): I have been looking for some t-shirts to wear with my pencil skirt. I love the juxtaposition of a casual tee with a skirt and heels. I first saw this tee with the state of California on it but when I went to the website I found they had one for every state (and many countries); I had to commemorate my childhood growing up surrounded by the Great Lakes. And we love that the company donates a portion of all proceeds to multiple sclerosis research.

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment ($22.50 – free shipping both ways!): If I could fall in love with a lip balm, it would be this one. At $22.50 it’s quite a splurge but due to its staying power you won’t have to re-apply it often so the tube lasts quite a long time. It’s so smooth and creamy and gives a pretty, subtle tint to your lips. There are several different shades to choose from so it should be easy to find one that works with your skin tone.

Aviator Sunglasses ($98 – free shipping!): I like over-the-top fashion-y sunglasses as much as the next guy but now that I live in southern California I need a good quality pair that will not only protect my eyes from the elements but also work with any ensemble from workout clothes to a business suit. And no style does that better than the classic aviator. My biggest problem though is that most are too big for me and some of the shapes don’t work with my face – but not these! They’re perfect!

Plaid Shirt ($6.99-$12.99): As I mentioned in my “How to Look Cool in the Heat” post, wearing a shirt around your waist can solve several problems: 1) It can help keep you “feeling” covered up even in the hottest weather. Sometimes when it’s insanely hot and I am wearing shorts and a tank top I feel a bit overexposed. Just adding a shirt around my waist makes me feel a bit more refined. 2) It can add pattern and color to an otherwise blah outfit. 3) When the evening chill hits or the air conditioning is cranked in the grocery store, no need to run to the car for a jacket; there’s a perfect cover-up around your waist. I’ve been looking for a pink and black pattern forever – and I finally found it!

Champagne Tank Top ($30): I love champagne and I love anything French. So could there be a better shirt for me? Probably not. Again, I can wear this with a skirt and heels or on a Saturday with jeans and sneakers.

White Leather Skirt ($172 – free shipping both ways!): This gorgeous leather skirt is definitely not a necessity but I want it nonetheless. It’s modern, it’s sexy, it’s versatile. Yes, it’s also a light color which is always a danger but because it is leather it will clean easier than cloth will. (At least that’s what I’m telling myself.)

Skater Shoe ($84 – free shipping both ways): I have had my current black patent skater shoes for about seven years, so you can imagine the shape they are in. Crazy enough, I still get compliments on them. I was hesitant to give them up until I found this pair. The metal details give them a little edge and they’ll be just as cute and versatile as my old ones.

Colorful Midi Skirt ($8 – free shipping over $50): Yep, you read that price right. It’s on sale (normally $25). So if you think I haven’t already “clicked to purchase,” you’re crazy. I love the colors. I love the soft, flowy material. I love the length. And an elastic waistband is nothing less than heavenly.

Black Purse ($127 – free shipping both ways!): I have been looking for a black everyday purse for a while now. But, like my aviators, I wanted one that I could carry whether I was in work clothes or play clothes. Because this comes with a long strap as well as the short handles I think it will be perfect. The long strap turns it into a cross-body bag for more casual days.

 Denim Jacket ($47.25): I have searched and searched and searched for just the right denim jacket and this may be it! The fitted waist will flatter my hourglass shape and I like that the style is unique.

If my taste doesn’t exactly match yours, check out some alternate styles below!

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