Replay Monday: Look Cute at School Events

By Kristin Hull

Now that The Mommy Stylist has been around for several years, we’ve decided to start re-posting some of our favorite blogs each Monday so that new readers can benefit from them as well. (And they can serve as reminders for those who have been with us from the beginning.) While some of the items may no longer be available, we wouldn’t post anything that’s out of style, so use them for reference and keep an eye out for something similar when you’re out and about. Enjoy!

budget fashion, budget shopping, cheap fashion, chic moms, fashion advice, fashion for moms, hot moms, mom's stylist, mom advice, mom fashion, mommy stylist, mom stylist, mom’s stylist, target, macys, In case you’re wondering, the pieces in our outfits are meant to be worn together. You can always just utilize parts of them but beware that if you just buy this purse and wear it with a frumpy dress, the frumpy dress will suck all the fashion life out of it.

This dress can work for all kinds of occasions.  Try it with flats (for a casual function), other belts (black, brown, colored), scarves (like the one from this outfit), etc. It could even make a great work ensemble. When it gets colder, put on some tights that match your shoes and you’ll have instant winter style (even with open-toe shoes!). If it isn’t freezing out, scrunching up the sleeves on the sweater to just below your elbows. In fact, all of the pieces in this outfit can be worn over and over in various ways so they’re good investments.

My sister, Karen, who inspired The Mommy Stylist, felt that the shoes pictured here were too impractical. And while I understand that, they are necessary to repel frumpiness. Moms listen, it is probably a rare occasion when you can wear heels. Why not take that opportunity to do so? You’ll feel prettier and sexier, your legs will look longer and I guarantee your husband will love it! And by heels I don’t mean two inchers. I mean real heels – three inches at the very least but four inches is better.  However, under duress, I have agreed to include a lower heel pair of shoes for this outfit. See them here. (They’re still 3″ but they’re wedges so their easier to walk on.) Let me know what you think about the high heel/low heel debate in the comments. I say, if there aren’t kids around, you need to do it. Whether with a dress or jeans, heels will instantly transform you into a hot mom. IJS.

  • Mossimo sweater: Target, $22.99 – This is the “Night Burgundy” color.


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