How To Copy an Outfit With Your Own Clothes


By Kristin Hull

How often do you see an outfit and think that you’d like to duplicate it? But you don’t have that shirt or those shoes. Well, guess what? It isn’t necessary to have the exact same pieces to put an ensemble together. Give it a try with some of your own.

Follow these two rules of thumb

  • Try to keep proportions the same. If they’re wearing skinny jeans with a loose shirt, or a cropped jacket with high-waisted pants then you should do the same.
  • Utilize as many of the pieces as you can. Often, a cute outfit doesn’t even become a cute outfit until that last accessory is added. Suddenly, boom! It all works together, better than any of the items would have worked alone. (I do always say that the key to looking put-together is to accessorize. Check out my “How To” article here.)

Don’t have these items in your closet? Here are some similar ones:

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