Budget-Friendly Gifts For The Moms On Your List

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By Lisa Miller

What do moms want for Christmas? That’s easy – the gift of relaxation, me-time, a little quiet and some bling. As much as we’d like to show up at our mom BFF’s house with full intentions of babysitting and kicking her out for a much needed, prepaid spa day, that, most likely, won’t happen. But you can still help her get a little R&R with a budget-friendly gift that can rejuvenate and refresh. In fact, why not treat yourself too? We all know you deserve it.

Imagine an evening like this:
Once the kids are in bed, let the pampering begin! First, take a relaxing milk tea or truffle bath with the Farm Fresh Spa Experience tin (2) from Uncommon Goods* or the Dream Time bath melt from Lush (9). Unwind with the scent of Blue Sage and Lavender (6) in the air as you sip a delicious cup of David’s Tea (7). Indulge in a tasty mug (1) of Glitter & Gold, North African Mint or Espresso Yourself. After your luxurious bath, slip into some comfy pajamas and slather on the Ayesha face mask (8) to moisturize and shrink pores. Use the 15-20 minutes of required recluse for color meditation (3), a good book (5) or to transport yourself into a fantastical world of fairy tales (4).(Be careful not to get sucked in too far; the face mask does need to eventually be washed off. ) Slather on some lip balm and shea butter (also found in the Spa Experience kit), and get some beauty sleep. When you awake from the most fulfilling rest you’ve had in forever, you’ll feel inspired to look your best! Peruse the TMS Pinterest page for outfit inspiration. Add some new bling (11 & 12) and a soft necklace scarf (10) to complete the look.

*For more unique, handcrafted gift ideas that are both environmentally- and animal- friendly like the Bora Scarf (shown in the outfit below) and the Farm Fresh Spa Experience tin, check out these great gift guides from Uncommon Goods.




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Bora scarf provided by Uncommon Goods.

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