1 More Day Until Friday Pedicure Therapy! #16MinutesForMom

Join me for pedicures? #16MinutesForMom l WWW.MOMMYSTYLIST.COM @TheMommyStylist @MommyStylistBlog

Join me for pedicures? Take #16MinutesForMom this Friday.

By Lisa Miller

There’s only one day left until Friday pedicure therapy! (Read the original #16MinutesForMom pedicure challenge post.) Are you as excited as I am?

I can’t wait for a polish change; join me and the TMS mom community as we take a moment to pamper ourselves. Everyone participating at the same time will connect our spirits and provide that feeling of support so many moms lack. How empowering!

I’m in the mood for something bright and girly (like Tokyo Doll by Sinful Colors). It’s the first week of “freezing” cold here (ahem, 65 degrees. Brr!), and I’m already missing the summer. Don’t be surprised if my toes look something like this by this time tomorrow!

Share your polish of choice in the comments below!

Join me for pedicures? #16MinutesForMom l WWW.MOMMYSTYLIST.COM @TheMommyStylist @MommyStylistBlog
Ahh, enjoying some me-time!

Happy polishing!

The plan

  1. Share this post via your favorite social media sites and tag the friends you are challenging. Ask them to comment to let you know if they are accepting the challenge.
  2. Mark this Friday on your calendar for 16 Minutes For Mom: Pedicures day. When everyone does it the same day, you’ll feel supported and you’ll be part of a movement to motivate moms to give themselves a break.
  3. To do:
    • Choose a sexy/happy/chic/festive nail polish.
    • Find an activity (better yet a father or grandparent) to entertain the kids.
    • Grab a book, a cup of coffee or tea (or, a glass of wine if the kids are asleep), perhaps a snack or candle.
    • Make yourself comfortable and get to painting.
  4. Added benefit:  Pedicures stick around all week. Everytime you see your colorful toes, your mood will lift and you’ll feel proud of yourself for recognizing your needs.

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