What to Wear: Holiday Party

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By Kristin Hull

The holiday season is in full swing and you no doubt have a party or two in the near future. Whether it’s the office soireé, a cocktail gathering or new year’s eve, doesn’t matter.  What you’re going to wear though does. Because if you don’t plan for it you’ll be scrambling at the last minute only to end up in something that makes you feel fat, out of style or both. But with an over-loaded to-do list how the heck are you going to fit that in? We’ve got the perfect solution – the on-trend, body-elongating, unshaven-leg covering, incredibly versatile jumpsuit.

A jumpsuit is as easy to style and as comfortable as a dress. There’s no messing with a separate top and bottom so all you really need to worry about are shoes, jewelry and a purse.  if it’s cold where you are add a  cardigan, jacket or blazer (see some great ones in our “Shop The Look” section below). (For an extra festive touch try a winter white, jewel-toned or sequined version of any of those.)

Get the right fit

A jumpsuit shouldn’t be tight or you’ll look like you’re headed to a workout (or back to the ’80s). Nor should it be too baggy.  Look for a size you can comfortably move around in that flatters your assets.

That’s another great thing about jumpsuits – they come in many different styles so if one isn’t right try another, it could just be that a different cut will suit you better.

Lastly, don’t think you have to be a size 2 to look good in one. Any size can rock a jumpsuit as long as it is styled in a classy way. See the photos below for proof.

How to style it

If your jumpsuit has skinny pant legs, a longer (ending below the waist), loose jacket/sweater/blazer will look best. The opposite applies if the pants are wider. In that case, a fitted, shorter cover-up will be more flattering.

The best thing about jumpsuits

A jumpsuit is a worthy investment as it can be worn in any season, be styled dressy or casual, and work for the office or a school function. Try it with flat sandals or wedges in the summer or with pumps and a fuzzy sweater in the winter. And don’t worry about them going out of style. They just came back IN style so they’ll be “cool” for another couple of years.

Jumpsuit looks we love

A belt in the same color helps define the waist.
Love the scarf and necklace combo! Photo: Halston Heritage
vest jumpsuit
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date night
Be sure to check out Vanessa’s blog, Stylishlyme.
dpplus polka
We love Nadia’s style. See more on her blog.
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Don’t be afraid to accessorize with pattern and/or color. Click photo for source.
off shoulder
You don’t have to show a lot of skin to be sexy. Click photo for source.
white blazer
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orange jacket
Love this look! Click photo for source.


gold belt
The gold belt is festive and chic. Click photo for source.

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