Everyday Outfit Inspiration: Turtlenecks


By Kristin Hull

Just because Old Man Winter pummeled the east coast with a blanket of white last week doesn’t mean you have to give in to looking frumpy to keep warm. In fact, this is an exciting time! Dig deep into your closet, pull out all of your coziest clothes and use them to your fashion advantage.

Functional and fashionable

Turtlenecks (and turtleneck sweaters) are especially hot right now (pun intended) and they’re so easy to wear. I have always been a big fan; there’s just something so effortlessly chic about them. The picture of Audrey Hepburn above is evidence of their timelessness.

Layer, layer, layer

An especially stylish way to wear a turtleneck is to layer it, which is nice when you have to go from indoors to outdoors and back again. You can just remove a layer as needed and put it back on before heading out into the frozen tundra.

Two important tips

  • You MUST wear a good bra.
  • Wear your hair up in a sock bun or pony tail. It elongates your neck even more and makes the entire look super sleek, no matter how casual.

Let the inspiration begin!

Check out some of our favorite mom-friendly turtleneck outfits below. Amend them to fit your lifestyle (and climate) as needed. Replace heels with flats, mini skirts with knee-length, bare legs with tights. Just try to keep the basic pieces of the outfit similar.

Shop some of the cutest t-necks out there

Are all your turtlenecks too old, too small, or lost in your daughter’s closet?  We know you don’t have time to peruse the stores for the best deals so we did it for you. Scroll down to shop some stylish, affordable, turtlenecks for work or play – and everywhere in between.

Craving more inspiration? Click on over to our Pinterest album, Everyday Outfit Inspiration: Turtlenecks.

(Click photos below for source.)

Click photo for source.

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Now, let’s shop!

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