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Once upon a time there was a busy mom who couldn’t find a minute for herself. She had no time to shop, no time to learn the latest fashions and no time to put together cute outfits on a budget. But then The Mommy Stylist came along and helped her do it all! Now she’s one of those moms who always looks put together and feels confident. And, of course, she lived happily ever after…

The Mommy Stylist is a fashion blog created specifically for moms. The site focuses on which current trends suit the mommy figure and lifestyle, where to get the best pieces (inexpensively!), and how to put outfits together.

The site was founded in August of 2011, and since inception it has grown 537%.

Founder and editor-in-chief, Kristin Hull, strictly adheres to The Mommy Stylist mission of only featuring items that are functional, versatile, flattering (to a mom’s changed body), stylish and inexpensive. Almost everything on the site is under $100, and often much less. Who wants to spend $70 on a shirt that’s likely to get tears, drool or dirt from little shoes on it?

The goal of The Mommy Stylist is to empower moms by providing them with fashion know-how. While life isn’t all about looks, if a mom feels good about her appearance, she’ll be happier and more confident which will have a positive effect on her marriage, family and life in general. The Mommy Stylist aims to reach the masses and teach readers how to style themselves by offering articles like: what to wear to mom events like PTA meetings and soccer games; trends that moms can actually wear; stylists’ secret tips and tricks; how to get celebrity mom looks; how to accessorize and more. Every single item featured is chosen specifically with moms in mind. The needs of her daily life are taken into consideration – from body issues to how often she has to get in and out of the car.

Information is presented in an easy-to-view format that appeals to time-pressed moms. An email subscription keeps them from having to remember to check the site regularly. New posts are sent right to their in-box so they can read them while waiting for the kids to get out of school or for the ballet lesson to be over. Links to products are provided as well as information on which retailers offer free shipping (in order to save money) and free returns (which makes it more likely for busy moms to make a purchase since they won’t have to go to the post office to ship a return).

About The Mommy Stylist editors:

kristin pngKristin Hull, an editor and stylist who found she was always answering fashion questions for her mommy friends, created The Mommy Stylist in August of 2011. Previously, she worked in the television industry in Southern California with stints at MTV and HBO. Then, she headed east and spent nine years employed by the city magazine for Dallas, Texas, D Magazine. As a fashion editor at D, Kristin styled dozens of photo shoots including one with LeAnn Rimes for the cover of D’s annual “Best Of” issue, and wrote articles for many of the company’s publications. Although she is a Michigan native, Kristin recently moved back to her favorite city in the world, Los Angeles, and is thrilled to feel the sand beneath her feet once again. Her portfolio can be viewed at

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